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Hi, my name is Janice Eglin (BA, MA, DipCG, PGCert Teaching and Learning in HE) and I have worked as a careers adviser with over 30 years’ experience. I have provided careers advice and guidance for young people and adults considering career and education options as well as for people who want a change in career or to get back into employment. The majority of my experience has been in the higher education sector giving careers advice to students, graduates and postgraduates, providing advice on undergraduate and postgraduate courses and lecturing on higher education courses. I have also worked in schools and colleges.

I gained a BA hons in Sociology, an MA in Education, a Diploma in Careers Guidance as well as a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and a Careers Guidance Assessment qualification. I am currently a member of the Career Development Institute (CDI) and a previous member of the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS). After retiring, I wanted to share my careers knowledge to help people who are considering their career options or a change in career direction. I have written extensively on careers information for university students, graduates and postgraduates.  I have now produced and published a number of careers advice guides for people considering career and education options in a range of job sectors as well as a careers advice guide on applying for higher education courses available at www.amazon.co.uk .  See 'Services' page for a list of books available.

A Careers Advice Guide: Series

Available from www.amazon.co.uk Career Options and Qualification Requirements in the UK: Choosing a Career, Working in a Range of Job Sectors and Applying to University A series of job sector careers advice books providing invaluable advice on how to: Choose a career which is right for you Find out about your job options, qualification requirements and courses Consider your career options from a list of jobs which require a higher education qualification or those which require a lower level qualification Apply for a higher education course Find out where to look for vacancies Research further information

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Choose a career which is right for you

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 Job Sector Careers Advice Guides

Each of the Careers Advice Guide books has: a careers questionnaire, a section on apprenticeships, graduate jobs, internships and gap year schemes as well as information about numerous job profiles, qualification requirements and courses. In addition, each section has a list of related jobs, a list of graduate and non-graduate job roles, vacancy sources and further information links. The following is a list of all the job profiles listed in each book: A Careers Advice Guide Choosing a Career, Working in:

 Job profiles listed alphabetically

The following job profiles are listed alphabetically and can be found in the listed Careers Advice Guide book.

Where can I find a list of your published Careers Advice Guides?

You can find a list of my published Careers Advice Guides on the Services page in this website

How can I buy one or more of your published Careers Advice Guide books?

You can find all of the 'A Careers Advice Guide' book series on Amazon www.amazon.co.uk 

What information is in the Careers Advice Guide books?

Each job sector Careers Advice Guide includes:
  • A careers questionnaire
  • Apprenticeships, graduate jobs, internships and gap year schemes information
  • Job sector careers information on a range of job profiles to include
    • Information about the job duties
    • Qualifications required
    • Course information
  • Related jobs
  • Graduate and non-graduate job roles list
  • Vacancy sources
  • Further information links

What information is in the Applying for Higher Education Courses at UK Universities

The following chapters are listed in the:
A Careers Advice Guide:
Applying for Higher Education Courses at UK Universities

Preparing For Your Future  
Qualification Regulation and Accreditation  
Qualification Frameworks  
Secondary and Further Education Qualification Subjects and Courses
A levels and Equivalent qualification Subjects Required for Higher Education Subjects  
Higher Education Qualification Subjects and Courses  
Higher Education Course Modes of Study, Teaching and Assessment  
Universities, Higher Education Colleges and Specialist Institutions  
Applying For Higher Education Courses  
Studying Abroad  
International Student Advice  
Student Accommodation  
Student Finance  
Student Bursary Funding  

Complete a careers questionnaire to help you consider what career you are interested in.

Find out what 'A' level and equivalent subjects are required for entry to  undergraduate courses.

Find out about university admissions aptitude tests required for some subjects.

Find out how to write a university application and personal statement.