Book 1: Animals, Plants, Environment, Healthcare Science and Science Sectors

Agriculture and Horticulture


Environmental Science and Studies


Agriculture and Horticulture Sector

Agriculture / Farm Manager

Agronomist / Field Trials Agronomist

Arboriculturist / Tree Surgeon / Forestry Manager


Garden and Landscape Designer

Grounds Manager / Green Keeper

Horticultural Therapist


Land Manager: Building Property

Land Manager: Nature Reserves

Plant Breeder / Soil Scientist / Botanist

Animals Sector 

Animal / Environmental Conservationist

Animal Behaviourist

Animal Trainer: Media

Animal Centre Manager / Veterinary Practice Manager

Animal Nutritionist

Animal Physiotherapist

Assistance Dog Trainer / Instructor

Assistance Puppy Training Supervisor

Dog Handler: Search and Rescue

Dog Handler: Security and Rescue

Ecologist: Animal and Plant Conservation


Equine Dental Technician

Equine Manager


Fish Farmer Manager / Aquarist

Fisheries Officer / Water Bailiff

Veterinary Nurse

Veterinary Research Scientist

Veterinary Surgeon

Applying for Veterinary Medicine Higher Education Courses

Interviews for Veterinary Medicine Higher Education Courses

Zoo Keeper


Environmental Science and Studies Sector


Environmental Conservationist /Scientist / Manager / Consultant


Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Specialist / Cartographer

Geologist / Geoscientist / Geologist Engineer

Forensic Geologist / Geoscientist / Geophysicist



Hydrography / Hydrographic Surveyor

Hydrologist / Hydrology Engineer / Flood Catastrophe Modeler


Broadcast Weather Presenter / Forecaster

Forensic Meteorologist

Meteorologist Scientist

Operational Meteorologist


Water Quality Scientist

Healthcare Science


Healthcare Science Sector 

Clinical Bioinformatics Scientist

Clinical Bioinformatics (Genomics) Scientist

Clinical Bioinformatics (Health Informatics) Scientist

Clinical Bioinformatics (Physical Sciences) Scientist

Life Scientist / Biomedical Scientist

Blood Scientist

Clinical Biochemist / Chemist (Biomedical Scientist)

Haematologist / Blood Transfusion Scientist (Biomedical Scientist)

Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics Scientist (Biomedical Scientist)

Cellular Scientist / Cytologist

Histopathology Scientist (Biomedical Scientist)

Histopathologist and Cytopathologist (also see Medicine sector)

Reproductive Scientist (Embryologist or Andrology Scientist) (Biomedical Scientist)

Genomics (Genetics) Scientist (Biomedical Scientist)

Infection Scientist

Analytical Toxicologist (Biomedical Scientist)

Clinical Immunologist (Biomedical Scientist)

Clinical Microbiologist (Biomedical Scientist)

Virologist (Biomedical Scientist)

Anatomical Pathology Technologist

Cervical Screener


Medical Physics and Biomedical (Clinical) Engineer

Biomedical (Clinical) / Medical Engineer

Clinical Measurement Engineer

Medical Device Risk Management and Governance Engineer

Rehabilitation Engineer

Medical (Clinical) Physics Scientist / Physicist

Imagining (Ionising) Scientist

Imaging (Non-ionising) Scientist / Physicist

Nuclear Medicine Physics Scientist / Physicist

Radiation Safety Physics Scientist / Physicist /Hospital Physicist/ Medical Physics Expert

Radiotherapy Physics Scientist / Physicist

Renal Technologist

Clinical Pharmaceutical Scientist

Decontamination Technician / Sterile Services Technician

Renal Dialysis Technician

Physiological Scientist / Physiologist

Audiology Scientist / Audiologist / Hearing Aid Dispenser

Cardiographer Healthcare Science Assistant / Associate

New-born Hearing Screener

Cardiac Scientist / Physiologist

Clinical Perfusion Scientist / Physiologist

Critical Care Scientist/ Physiologist

Gastrointestinal Physiologist


Ophthalmic and Vision Healthcare Scientist

Respiratory Physiology and Sleep Scientist / Physiologist

Urodynamic Physiologist

Vascular Scientist / Physiologist


Science Sector 

Animal Technician

Assayer of Precious Metals and Jewellery


Marine Scientist

Microbiologist / Molecular Biologist



Biochemist Bio-assay Development Scientist



Analytical Chemist / Research Chemist / Production Control Chemist / Development Chemist / Colour Chemist

Technical Assessor

Consumer Scientist / Adviser

Cosmetic Scientist


Food Technologist / Sensory Scientist

Forensic Scientist

Forensic Botanist

Forensic Entomologist

Laboratory Technician

Nano-scientist / Nanotechnologist



Clinical Pharmacologist


Product / Process / Technical Service Development Scientist

Product Marketing Scientist

Project Management Scientist

Quality Assurance Scientist / Auditor/ Quality Regulatory Manager

Radiation Protection Adviser / Hospital Physicist / Medical Physics Expert / Specialist Inspectors (Regulators) / Radiation Protection Supervisors (RPS)

Radioactive Waste Adviser (RWA)

Technical Brewer

Book 2: Art, Media and Performing Arts: Dance, Drama and Music Sectors

Art and Design

Media: Advertising, Editing, Journalism, Marketing, Public Relations, Publishing and Writing

Media: Film, Radio, Television and Theatre

Art and Design Sector

Art Director: Print and Digital Media

Art Editor



Ceramics / Glass Designer

Clinical / Medical Illustrator

Clinical / Medical Photographer

Community Arts Worker

Fabric / Garment / Textile Technologist (Designer)

Fashion / Costume Designer

Costumer / Dresser / Wardrobe Assistant


Fine Artist

Furniture Conservator / Restorer / Repairer / Upholstery Technician

Graphic Designer

Exhibition Designer

Type Setter

Hairdresser / Hair Stylist / Barber


Wig Maker

Illustrator / Cartoonist

Interior Designer

Jewellery Designer / Horologist

Gemmologist / Valuer

Make-up Artist

Nail Technician / Nail Art Technician


Picture Editor

Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Aerial Drone Photographer

Private Practice Art Teacher

Product / Furniture Designer 9

Set / Stage Designer / Scenographer / Scenic Artist / Background Artist

Property (Prop) Designer / Master / Set Dresser

Sign Maker / Writer

Tattoo Artist


Media: Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations; Journalism, Writing, Publishing and Editing

Advertising Manager: Account / Creative Services / Traffic / Project / Production

Bid / Proposals Writer


Editor: Commissioning

Editor: Copy

Editor: Newspaper / Magazine

Graphologist / Forensic Graphologist





Marketing Executive

Digital Marketing Executive

Digital Marketing Assistant

Marketing Assistant

Media Buyer / Digital Media Buyer

Media Planner

Digital Media Planner

Press / Publicity / Media Officer


Public Relations Executive / Publicist / Communications Manager

Publishing License / Copyrights (Rights) and Contracts Manager / Coordinator/ Royalties Analyst

Publishing Copyright Assistant

Publishing Sales Specialist / Sales Representative

Writer and Researcher

Media Production Researcher: Audio / Visual Data

Media Programme / Production Researcher

Science / Medical / Technical Writer

Scriptwriter / Playwright / Screenplay Writer / Screenwriter/ Dramatist / Story Consultant


Writer / Author


Media: Film, Radio, Television, Theatre Sector 

Camera Operator; Photographer; Cinematographer

Director of Photography / Cinematographer

1st Camera Assistant / Focus Puller

2nd Camera Assistant / Clapper Loader

Studio Camera Operator


Casting Agent / Casting Director

Casting Agent Assistant / Associate / Coordinator

Director: Media Broadcast

Art Director: Media Broadcast

Director / Stage Director / Stage Manager: Media Broadcast

Deputy Director / Stage Director / Stage Manager: Media Broadcast

Assistant Director/ Stage Director / Stage Manager: Media Broadcast

1st Assistant Director: Media Broadcast

2nd Assistant Director: Media Broadcast

3rd Assistant Director: Media Broadcast

Technical Director: Film and Television

Editor / Programme Editor: Media Broadcast

Assistant Editor / Programme Editor: Media Broadcast

Colourist: Media Broadcast

Lighting: Media Broadcast

Lighting Director

Lighting Designer / Chief Lighting Technician / Master Electrician / Gaffer

Assistant Chief Lighting Technician / Best Boy / Best Boy Grip, Best Boy Electric

Lighting Technician

Manager: Media Broadcast / Theatre / Music Venue

Box Office Manager / Assistant: Theatre / Music Venue

Stage Door Keeper


Front of House Manager / House Manager: Theatre / Music Venue

Location Manager

Stage / Theatre / Music Venue Manager

Tour Manager

Road Manager (Roadie)

Presenter: Media Broadcast

Broadcast Journalist / News Presenter / Broadcaster

Media Presenter

Radio Presenter / Disc Jockey (DJ)

Traffic Reporter / Presenter

Producer: Media Broadcast

Associate / Assistant Producer: Media Broadcast

Coordinating Producer: Media Broadcast

Co-Producer: Media Broadcast

Executive Producer : Media Broadcast

Line Producer: : Media Broadcast

Producer: : Media Broadcast

Segment Producer: Media Broadcast

Supervising Producer: Media Broadcast

Unit Production Manager: Media Broadcast :

Production Designer: Media Broadcast

Set / Stage Construction: Media Broadcast

Carpenter / Metal Worker / Scenic / Set Constructor: Media Broadcast

Grip / Crane Technician

Stage Crew Member / Stagehand / Construction Worker / Machine Operator / Flyperson

Swing Technician

Sound Engineer: Media Broadcast

Boom Operator

Sound / Acoustic / Audio Engineer: Media Broadcast

Sound / Acoustic /Audio-Visual Technician

Sound / Audio Designer / Foley Artist / Sound Effects Technician / Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR) Recordist

Special Effects (SFX) Artist: Physical; Pyrotechnics; Visual

3D Modeller Artist

Animation Artist / Visual Effects Artist (VFX)

Character Artist / Animator


Concept Artist

Digital Artist/ Matte Painter (DMP) / Background Artist / Painter

Environment Artist

Layout Artist

Lighting Artist

Rendering Artist

Rigging Artist

Rotoscope Artist

Stereoscope Artist / Stereographer

Texturing Artist / Painter / Surfacer





Performing Arts: Dance Sector 

Dance Animateur



Private Practice Dance Teacher

Dance Performance Examiner

Performing Arts: Drama Sector 


Understudy / Cover

Circus Performer / Street Entertainer

Dialect / Voice Coach

Drama Animateur

Drama Performance Examiner

Fashion Model

Film Extra / Background Artist / Body Double

Literary Manager / Dramaturg

Living History Interpreter / Re-enactor

Private Practice Drama Teacher

Public Speaker

Stunt Performer

Stunt Action Coordinator / Fight Arranger / Fight Choreographer

Voice-over Artist / Narrator

Warm-up Artist / Quiz Host


Performing Arts: Music Sector 

Armed Forces Musician

Army Musician

Royal Airforce Musician

Royal Marines Musician


Disc Jockey (DJ)

Music Administrator

Music Animateur

Music Director

Church Music Director

Education Music Director

Orchestral Music Director

Radio Music Director

Television Music Director

Video / Film Music Director

Music Instruments Craftsperson

Music Journalist

Music Performer



Music Arranger


Music Producer

Music Promotions Manager/ Artist and Repertoire (A and R) Manager

Music Publishing License / Copyrights (Rights) and Contracts Manager / Coordinator/ Royalties Analyst

Music Publishing Copyright Assistant

Music Research Executive / Adviser

Music Technology Producer

Piano Tuner / Technician

Private Practice Music Teacher

Music Performance Examiner

Sound Engineer / Recording Engineer

Book 3: Building, Property, Engineering and Computer Technology Sectors

Architecture, Planning, Surveying and Construction

Property and Housing Management

Building Design, Planning, Surveying and Construction Sector


Architectural technologist

Landscape Architect

Construction Manager / Site Manager


Construction / Building Surveyor

Building Control Surveyor

Project Management Surveyor

Quantity and Construction Surveyor

Land Surveyor

Environment Surveyor

Geomatics Surveyor

Minerals and Waste Management Surveyor

Planning and Development Surveyor

Rural Surveyor

Property Surveyor

Arts and Antiques Surveyor

Dispute Resolution Surveyor

Facilities Management Surveyor

Machinery and Assets Surveyor

Management Consultancy Surveyor

Residential / Commercial Property Surveyor

Valuation Surveyor

Town Planner

Property and Housing Management Sector 

Accommodation Manager


Auctioneer Valuing and Selling Chattels / Goods

Auctioneer Valuing and Selling Property Buildings or Land

Auctioneer Valuing and Selling Livestock

Estate Agent / Residential Lettings Manager / Property Manager

Facilities Manager

Housing Manager / Housing Officer

Tenancy Officer


Electrician; Gas Installation / Plumbing; Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning


Computer Technology

Electrician; Gas Installation / Plumbing; Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Sector 


Gas Installation / Maintenance Engineer / Gas Service Technician / Plumber

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Technician / Refrigeration Engineer Technician

Engineering and Technology Sector 

Aeronautical Engineer / Aerospace / Avionics Engineer

Aerodynamics Engineer

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic

Agricultural Engineer

Architectural Engineer

Automotive Engineer / Motorsport Engineer

Cycle / Bike Mechanic / Repair Technician

MOT Tester / Technician

Motor Vehicle Technician / Motor Vehicle Mechanic

Building Services Engineer

Chemical Engineer

Civil Engineer / Structural Engineer

Commissioning / Installation Engineer

Computer Systems Engineer / Communications Engineer

Computer Systems Applications (Apps) Engineer

Computer Systems Data Centre Service Engineer

Computer Systems Hardware Engineer

Computer Systems Network Engineer / Network Operations Engineer

Computer Systems Network Engineer Support Analyst / Manager

Computer Systems Service Transition Analyst

Computer Systems Software Engineer

Telecommunications / Digital Communications (Communications) / Messaging Engineer

Construction / Site Engineer

Contracting Engineer

Control and Instrumentation Engineer

Cost / Estimator Engineer

Defence Engineer

Design Engineer

Electrical and Electronics Engineer

Energy Engineer

Environmental Engineer

Facilities Maintenance Engineer

Fire Engineer

Gas and Oil / Petroleum Engineer

Maintenance Engineer

Manufacturing Engineer

Marine Engineer / Naval Architect

Materials Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Medical / Clinical / Bio-Engineer

Metallurgy Engineer / Metallurgist

Mining Engineer

Nuclear Engineer

Planning Engineer / Project Management Engineer

Plant Engineer

Power Engineer

Process Engineer

Production Engineer

Pyrotechnic / Ballistics Engineer / Explosives Expert

Quality Engineer

Rail Engineer

Signalling Engineer

Research and Development Engineer

Safety Engineer

Surveying Engineer

Systems Engineer

Technical Sales Engineer

Test Engineer

Transport Engineer / Traffic Engineer

Water Engineer


Information / Computer Technology Sector 

Computer Business Service Desk / Technical Helpdesk Support

Computer Service Desk / Helpdesk / Technical Support Adviser / IT Support Technician

Computer Service Repair Technician

Computer Technical Support Analyst

Computer Technology Project Manager

Computer Games and Software Development

Computer Games Designer

Computer Games Developer / Programmer

Computer Games Producer

Computer Games Tester / Software Tester / Computer Quality Assurance (QA) Tester

Computer Security

Computer Forensics Investigator

Computer Information Security Risk Assessment Manager / Analyst / Consultant

Cyber Technical Analyst; Cyber Operations Specialist

Data Protection and Privacy Officer

Ethical Hacker /Penetration Tester

Network / Cyber Security Engineer

Network Security Consultant

Computer Science

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Developer / Data Scientist / Cognitive Computing Consultant

Computer Simulation Specialist / Simulation Software Engineer

Cybernetics / Robotics Engineer

Computer Systems

Computer Systems / Software / Applications (Apps) Developer / Designer

Computer Systems Programmer /

Project / Programme Manager

Computer Systems Analyst / Technical Business Systems / Solutions Analyst

Computer Systems Consultant

Computer Systems Coordinator

Computer Systems Database Manager

Computer Systems Manager

Computer Technical Architect

Computer Business Architect / Service Orientated Architect (SOA)

Computer Communication / Information Architect 146

Computer Data / Enterprise / Integration /Solution / System Architect

Computer Security Architect

Computer Software / Application Architect

E-Commerce Manager

E-learning Designer / Developer

Technical Author / Writer

Website, IT Content and Systems Network

Social Media Manager

Website Content Manager

Website Designer

Website Developer

Website Editor

Website / Computer Games User Interaction (UI) Designer / Artist

User Experience (UX) Designer / Artist

User Interaction (UI) Artist / Designer



Book 4: Business, Finance, Retail, Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism Sectors

Business Finance

Business Management and Administration 



Business and Finance Sector 

Accountant / Tax Specialist

Accounting Technician


Actuarial Analyst

Auditor: External

Auditor: Internal

Bank Finance Specialist, Building Society Specialist



Client Relationship Manager

Company Secretary / Head of Governance

Credit Manager; Credit Controller


Financial Adviser

Financial Risk Analyst / Financial Manager

Financial Trader / Investment Analyst / Adviser / Stockbroker

Forensic Accountant / Financial Investigator


Insolvency Practitioner

Insurance Specialist

Insurance Account Manager / Relationship Manager

Insurance Broker

Insurance Claims Handler

Insurance Risk Surveyor

Insurance Underwriter

Loss Adjuster

Mathematics / Operational Research Scientist / Researcher

Mathematician / Statistician

Money / Debt Management Adviser

Payroll Administrator

Pensions Administrator / Manager

Revenues, Benefits and Ratings Administrator / Specialist

School / Education Business Manager / Bursar

Tax Professional / Tax Inspector

Treasurer (Corporate)


Business Management and Administration Sector 

Account Manager


Arts Administrator

Education Administrator

Office Manager

Personal Assistant

Sports Administrator

Business / Project Analyst

Business Manager / Senior Manager/ Head of Department / Operations Manager / Consultant

Business Change Manager

Health Service Manager

Human Resource Manager

Project Manager

Recruitment Consultant

Stenographer / Verbatim Reporter


Retail Sector 

Acquisitions Manager

Buyer / Purchasing Manager

Buying / Purchasing Assistant

Customer Service Manager

Medical / Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

GP Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Product Specialist Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Procurement / Sourcing Manager

Production Planner / Scheduler

Retail Management

Account Manager / Customer Service / Development Manager

Area / Regional / Head Sales Manager

Assistant / Deputy Retail Manager

Retail Manager / Store / Sales / Department / Section / Manager

Retail / Sales Team Leader / Supervisor

Concession Manager

Retail / Sales Assistant

Showroom Consultant (Kitchen /Bathroom / Bedroom Design)

Visual Merchandiser / Window Dresser / Display Assistant


Hospitality and Events Management

Leisure Activities

Leisure: Travel and Tourism

Hospitality and Events Management Sector 

Catering Manager


Head Chef

Sous Chef

Chef de Partie

Event Manager / Organiser / Co-ordinator / Executive

Conference / Weddings / Banquets and Events Manager / Co-ordinator

Hotel Manager

Hotel Corporate Relations Manager

Hotel Food and Beverage Service Manager / Supervisor

Hotel Front of House / Reception Manager

Hotel Night Manager

Hotel Operations Manager

Public House General Manager

Restaurant Manager

Wine Sales Person / Sommelier

Wine Business Manager

Wine / Beer / Cider Producer


Leisure Activities Sector

Cinema General Manager

Casino Manager (Live and Internet Gaming)


Bridge Professional / Teacher

Chess Teacher / Coach

Beauty / Cosmetic Sales Representative

Beauty Field Sales Manager / Representative

Spa Manager

Leisure: Travel and Tourism Sector 

Children’s Holiday Camp Manager

Entertainer; Entertainment Manager

Excursion Manager

Expedition Leader

Holiday Centre / Park General Manager / Warden

Holiday Representative

Theme Park Manager

Tour Guide

Tour Operator Manager / Travel Consultant /Adviser /Agent

Tourist Information Centre Officer

Visitor Development Manager


Sport Sector 



Amateur Jockey

Professional Jockey


Beach Lifeguard

Pool Lifeguard

Outdoor Centre Activities Manager

Outdoor Activities Instructor

Sport and Exercise Coach / Fitness Instructor

Horse Riding Instructor / Coach

Martial Arts Instructor / Coach

Pilates Teacher / Instructor

Snow Sports Instructor

Chalet Host

Sports Personal Trainer

Water-sports Instructor / Coach

Yoga Teacher / Instructor

Sport and Exercise Scientist

Sport / Business Development / Executive / Officer

Sport Centre Manager / Health Club Manager / Leisure Centre Manager

Sports’ Professional

Sport Referee / Umpire

Sport Therapist / Sport Rehabilitation Therapist



 Book 5: Education: Teaching, Lecturing and Support Sectors

Primary and Secondary Teaching and Support

Further and Higher Education Teaching

Teaching English as a Foreign, Second / Other Language

Training and Tutoring


Education and Teaching Sector: Assessment, Examining and Inspecting 

Assessor and Verifier


Her Majesty’s Inspector (HMI) / Ofsted Inspector

Early Years, Primary and Secondary Teaching and Support Sector 

Early Years’ Teacher / Nursery School Teacher

Primary School Teacher

Secondary School Teacher

Special Educational Needs Teacher

Dyslexia / Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) Educator

Dyslexia / Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) Assessor

Teaching Support Worker 90

Early Years / Nursery Worker (Nursery Nurse)

Learning Mentor

Teaching Assistant

Education and Teaching Sector: Adult Education; Further Education Teacher / Lecturer; Higher Education Lecturer; Teacher of English as a Foreign, Second or Other Language 

Further Education Teacher / Lecturer

Prison Teacher / Instructor

Teacher of English as a Foreign, Second or Other Language

Higher Education Lecturer

Training and Tutoring 

Environmental Education Officer

Information Computer Technology (IT / ICT) Trainer

Online Tutor

Private Academic Tutor

Training and Development Manager

Work Skills Trainer / Employment Adviser

Book 6: Healthcare: Allied, Alternative, Complementary, Nursing and Medicine Sectors)

Allied Health Professions

Alternative and Complementary Health

Chiropractic and Osteopathy

Nursing and Midwifery

Public, Environmental and Occupational Health

Healthcare: Allied Health Professions Sector 

Allied Health Professions

Art Therapist


Drama Therapist

Music Therapist

Occupational Therapist



Specialist Advanced Paramedic

Paramedic Science Courses Student Funding


Podiatrist / Chiropodist

Forensic Podiatrist

Prosthetist / Orthotist

Radiographer: Diagnostic Radiographer

Radiographer: Therapeutic Radiographer

Speech and Language Therapist

Alternative and Complementary Health Sector 


Beauty therapist

Complementary and Natural Healthcare Practitioner

Alexander Technique Teacher


Bowen Therapist

Craniosacral Therapist

Massage Therapist


Reiki Therapist

Yoga Therapist

Nutritional Therapist

Foot Health Professional (not an Allied Health profession)




Complementary Medicine Chiropractic Osteopathy Sector 



Nursing and Midwifery Sector 


Adult Nurse

Children’s Nurse

Learning Difficulties Nurse

Mental Health Nurse


Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist Practitioner (CNP)

District Nurse Specialist Practitioner

GP Practice Nurse Specialist Practitioner

Health Visitor Specialist Practitioner

Neonatal Nurse

Nurse Consultant Specialist Practitioner

Nurse and Midwifery Teaching and Assessing

Preceptor: Nursing and Midwifery

Mentor / Assessor: Nursing and Midwifery

Practice Educator: Nursing and Midwifery

Lecturer: Nursing and Midwifery

Occupational Health Nurse Specialist Practitioner

Operating Department Practitioner

Prison Nurse

Public Health Nurse Specialist Practitioner

Health Promotion Nurse

Health Protection Nurse

Infection Control Nurse

Tuberculosis (TB) Nurse

School Nurse


Theatre Nurse

Nursing and Midwifery Support

Healthcare Assistant / Nursing Auxiliary / Support Worker

Public, Environmental and Occupational Health Sector 

Environmental Health Professional

Healthcare / Medical Researcher / Epidemiologist

Ergonomist / Human Factors Specialist

Health and Safety Adviser / Officer / Manager

Health and Safety Inspector

Health Promotion / Health Education Practitioner

Occupational Hygiene Specialist / Inspector

Public Health Specialist /Consultant




Vision Science

Healthcare: Dentistry Sector


Forensic Odontologist

Dental Hygienist / Oral Health Practitioner

Orthodontic therapist

Dental Nurse

Dental Technician / Clinical Dental Technologist

Orthodontic Therapy Courses

Healthcare: Medicine Sector

Medical Doctor


Clinical Oncologist

Clinical Radiologist

Community Sexual and Reproductive Health Specialist

Emergency Medicine Specialist

General Practice

Intensive Care Medicine Specialist

Medicine Specialist

Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Occupational Medicine Specialist




Forensic Pathologist

Forensic Medical Examiner


Public Health Specialist


Physician Associate

Healthcare: Pharmacy Sector


Community Pharmacist

Hospital Pharmacist

Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy / Assistant

Healthcare: Vision Science Sector 

Ophthalmic Imaging Photographer / Technician

Ophthalmic Dispensing Optician

Ophthalmic Dispensing Optician Assistant


Optometric / Optical Clinical Assistant

Retinal Screener / Grader

Book 10: History, Library and Languages and Work Abroad Sectors


Anthropology and Archaeology

Information and Library


History, Anthropology and Archaeology Sector 


Forensic anthropologist


Forensic Archaeologist

Conservator / Conservation Officer / Art Historian


Genealogist / Record Agent


Historic Buildings Inspector

Museum / Gallery Education Officer

Information and Library Sector


Archivist Conservator


Records Information Manager/ Information Specialist /Scientist


Languages Sector 

Deaf and Deafblind Communication Professional

British Sign Language Communicator

Sign Supported English Communicator

Deafblind Manual Interpreter


Makaton Language Programme Communicator

Notetaker / Electronic Notetaker

Sign Language Interpreter

Sign Language Translator

Deaf Relay Interpreter

Speech to Text Reporter / Stenographer

Interpreter: Foreign Language

Translator: Foreign Language



Traineeship with the European Union

Translation Traineeship

Working Abroad

Working for the European Union Institutions and Bodies

Working for the United Nations

Working Abroad 

Working Abroad Careers Information

Qualification Recognition

Working in a European Country Website Information  

Working in a Country outside Europe Website Information  

Working for the European Union Institutions and Bodies   

Working for European Union Institutions and Bodies Careers Information  

Types of Employment: European Union  

Permanent Officials

Contract Staff (CAST)

Temporary Staff 

Interim Staff 

Trainee Parliamentary Assistants

Traineeships / Internships / Stages

Seconded National Experts

Parliamentary Assistants

Working for the United Nations   

Working for the United Nations Careers Information  

United Nation (UN) Job Networks and Job Families  

Senior Appointment Staff Member

Professional and Higher Categories (P1-7)

Directors (D1 and D2 levels)

Young Professionals Programme

National Professional Officer (NO)

General Service and Related Categories

Global General Services Test (GGST)

Field Service (FS) Staff Member

Programmes and Examinations

United Nations Internship Programme

United Nations Junior Professional Officer Programme

United Nations Language Competitive Examinations for Language Professionals

United Nations Young Professionals Programme

United Nations Volunteer (UNV) Programme

Book 8: Law Enforcement: Armed Forces, Public Protection and Security Sectors

Armed Forces: British Army; Royal Air Force; Royal Navy

Law Enforcement: Public Protection

Law Enforcement: Security

National Security / Secret Service: GCHQ; MI5; MI6

Law Enforcement: Security Sector 

Enforcement and Trading Standards

Enforcement / Bailiff Officer / Agent (Certified)

Enforcement Agent / Court Enforcement Agent / Bailiff (Certified)

Civil Enforcement Officer / Parking Enforcement Officer / Parking Investigations Officer /Traffic Warden / Parking Attendant / Warden Certified)

High Court Enforcement Officer; County Court Enforcement Officer / Bailiff (Certified)

Environmental Enforcement Officer

Planning Enforcement Officer

Trading Standards Officer

Private Investigation

Private Detective

Private Security Industry

Cash and Valuables in Transit (CVIT) Operative

Close Protection Officer (CPO) / Bodyguard

Door Supervisor

Public Space Surveillance (CCTV) Operative

Security Guard

Trainer of Security Industry Authority (SIA) Qualifications

Immobilising Operative Vehicle


National Security / Secret Service: GCHQ, MI5 and MI6 Sector 


Security Vetting Officer

Cryptographer / Code Breaker / Encryption Specialist / Crypto-Mathematics Researcher / Mathematician

Intelligence and Data Analyst

Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officer: MI5

Intelligence Officer: MI6

Intelligence Officer: MI6 Inexperienced Hire Intelligence Officer

Intelligence: Mobile Surveillance Officer: Intelligence Collection

Security / Secret Service: Technology Specialist

Security: Languages

Intelligence: English Language Analyst

Intelligence: Foreign Language Analyst

Intelligence: Language Intelligence Analyst MI5

Intelligence: Speech Analyst and Speech Technologist

Book 9: Law, Politics, Political Organisations and Social Science Sectors


Politics and Social Sciences

Political Organisations: UK Parliament; Government Civil Service; and Local Government


Law Sector 

Barrister / Advocate

Barristers’ Clerk

Chartered Legal Executive Lawyer


Court Usher


Immigration Adviser

Intellectual Property

Patent Attorney

Trade Mark Attorney


Circuit Judge

County Court Judge

District Judge

High Court Judge


Tribunal Judge

Legal Administrator / Secretary

Licensed Conveyancer

Conveyancer Technician

Licensed Probate Practitioner

Probate Technician



Scrivener Notary


Registrar of Births, Deaths, Marriages, Civil Partnerships


Solicitor Advocate

Politics and Social Sciences Sector 

Campaigns Manager / Parliamentary Officer

Market Researcher / Research Executive / Field Research Manager

Market Research Assistant / Field Research Assistant

Parliamentary / Political / Policy Researcher

Parliamentary / Political Assistant / Caseworker

Policy Adviser / Analyst / Officer / Consultant

Political Elected Representatives


Member of Parliament

Political Risk Analyst / Strategist

Public / Political Affairs Consultant / Lobbyist / Adviser

Social Researcher


Trade Union Caseworker / Organiser

Working for Political Organisations: UK Parliament; Government Civil Service; and Local Government Sector 

Civil Servants

Civil Service Director General and Director level 6

Civil Service Deputy Director Level 5

Civil Service Higher Executive Officer and Senior Executive Officer Level 3 and 4

Civil Service Executive Officer level 2

Civil Service Administrative Assistant (AA) and Administrative Officer (AO) level 1

Civil Service Graduate Fast Stream Programmes 

Commercial Fast Stream Programme

Digital, Data and Technology Fast Stream Programme

Diplomatic Economic Scheme Fast Stream Programme

Diplomatic Service Fast Stream Programme

Finance Fast Stream Programme

Generalist Fast Stream Programme

Government Communication Service Fast Stream Programme

Government Economic Service Fast Stream Programme

Government Operational Research Service Fast Stream Programme

Government Social Research Service Fast Stream Programme

Government Statistical Service Fast Stream Programme

Houses of Parliament Fast Stream Programme

Human Resources Fast Stream Programme

Project Delivery Fast Stream Programme 130

Science and Engineering Fast Stream Programme

Civil Service Internships 

Early Diversity Internship Programme (EDIP)

Summer Diversity Internship Programme (SDIP)

Civil Service Fast Track Apprenticeships 

Business Fast Track Apprenticeship

Commercial Fast Track Apprenticeship

Digital and Technology Fast Track Apprenticeship

Finance Fast Track Apprenticeship

Project Delivery Fast Track Apprenticeship

Government Legal Service 

Government Legal Service Legal Trainee Scheme

Government Work Placements 

Government Economic Service Sandwich Student Placement

Government Economic Service Summer Student Placement

Government Office for Science in Partnership with the Research Council Policy Internships

Government Social Research Sandwich Student Placement


Working for Parliament: Public Servants

Working for the House of Commons

Working for the House of Lords

Working for the Bicameral Offices

Parliament Work Experience Placements

House of Commons Work Experience for 14 – 18 year olds

House of Lords Work Experience for 15 – 18 year olds

Parliament Undergraduate Sandwich Student Placements

Speakers Parliamentary Placement Scheme

Working for an MP in the House of Commons

Working for Local Government (Local Authorities) 

Local Government Apprenticeship

Local Government Administrator

Local Government Officer

Local Government Graduate Jobs

The National Government Development Programme (NGDP)


Book 10: Psychology, Counselling, Religion and Social Care Sectors

Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy

Religion and Theology

Social Care

Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy Sector 

Counsellor and Psychotherapist 


Psychotherapist / Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

Cognitive Analytical Therapist (CAT)

Cognitive Behaviour Therapist (CBT)

Dance Movement Psychotherapist

Equine Facilitated Psychotherapist / Equine Facilitated Learning Specialist

Genomic / Genetic Counsellor

Play Therapist

Psychological High Intensity Therapist

Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner

Wellbeing Adviser

Clinical Health and Wellbeing Adviser

Fitness Wellbeing Adviser

Health and Wellbeing Adviser


Academic Teaching and Research Psychologist

Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Psychologist, Assistant

Counselling Psychologist

Educational Psychologist

Forensic Psychologist

Health Psychologist

Neuro Psychologist (Clinical)

Occupational Psychologist

Sport and Exercise Psychologist

Psychometric and Psychological Tester


Religion and Theology Sector 


Christian Main Religions

Baptist Minister

Baptist Lay Minister / Lay Pastor

Church of England Vicar / Parish Priest

Church of England Distinctive Deacon

Church of England Curate

Church of England Pioneer Minister

Church of England Lay Minister / Reader

Church of Scotland Parish Minister of Word and Sacrament

Church of Scotland Local Minister

Church of Scotland Reader

Church of Scotland Elder

Church of Wales Children, Youth and Family Worker

Church of Wales Focal Minister

Church of Wales Licensed Lay Minister / Reader

Church of Wales Pastoral Visitor

Church of Wales Pioneer Minister

Church of Wales Priest

Methodist Deacon

Methodist Presbyterian Minister

Methodist Local Preacher

Quaker Minister

Salvation Army Officer / Minister

Roman Catholic Church

Catholic Nun / Sister

Catholic Priest / Religious Brother (Monk)

Other Main Religions

Buddhist Monk / Nun

Buddhist Chaplain

Hindu Priest Pujan / Purohit / Pandit

Islam Imam

Jewish Rabbi

Sikh Granthi / Custodian of the Guru Granth Sahib

Social Care Sector 

Careers Adviser

Careers Information Officer

Charity Officer

Citizens’ Advice Bureaux Adviser

Community Development Officer

Disability and Dyslexia Adviser

Disability Technical Needs Assessor

Drug Intervention Programme Specialist / Recovery Worker

Education Welfare Officer/ Attendance Officer/ Welfare Assistant

Employment Adviser

Human rights Officer

International Development Officer

Life Coach

Mental Health Advocate

Money / Debt Management Adviser

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach

Probation Officer

Refugee Adviser / Project Worker

Social Worker

Family Court Adviser (England)

Social Work Assistant

Victim Care Officer

Welfare Officer

Youth and Community Worker / Youth Support Worker

Youth Offending Officer


Book 11: Transport: Aviation, Marine, Rail, Road and Logistics Sectors


Aviation Industry

Marine Industry

Rail Industry

Road Industry


Transport and Logistics Sector 

Logistics Analyst

Logistics / Distribution / Supply Chain Manager

Passenger Transport Manager: Road / Rail

Transport Manager: Goods Delivery

Transport / Car Fleet Manager

Transport Haulage / Freight Planner

Transport Project Planner

Transport: Aviation Industry Sector 

Air Cabin Crew Member / Flight Attendant

Air Traffic Controller

Royal Air Force (RAF) Air Traffic Controller

Airline Customer / Passenger Service Agent / Check-in Assistant

Airport Manager


Pilot: Professional Aviation

Airline Pilot / Captain

Co-Pilot / First Officer

Commercial Pilot

Airline Transport Police (Helicopter) Pilot

Helicopter Pilot (Commercial)

Pilot: General Aviation

Balloon Pilot; Airship Pilot

Drone Pilot / Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Operator / Aerial Drone Photographer

Glider / Sailplane Pilot

Light Aircraft Pilot

Private Pilot

Armed Forces Pilot

British Army Pilot

Royal Airforce Officer Pilot

Royal Airforce Officer Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) Pilot

Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm Pilot


Transport: Marine Industry Sector 

Boat Design and Building 

Boat Builder; Yacht Builder; Boat Repairer

Boat Fitter / Marine Craftsperson

Computer Aided Design (CAD) Draughtsperson / Technician

Yacht Designer

Boat Sales and Surveying 

Marine Surveyor Engineer / Yacht Surveyor / Small Craft Surveyor

Yacht Broker; Yacht Agent; Dealer / Broker; Distributor

Commercial Sea Fishing 

Commercial Fishing: Chief / Second Engineer Officer

Commercial Fishing: Deckhand

Commercial Fishing: Mate

Commercial Fishing: Skipper / Master / Deck Officer / Captain

Marine Leisure: Yachts, Superyachts, Ferries, Cruise Ships, Tall Ships 

Marine Leisure: Charter Skipper / Captain / Master

Marine Leisure: Bareboat Skipper

Marine Leisure: Delivery Skipper

Marine Leisure: Flotilla Skipper

Marine Leisure: Deck Rating

Marine Leisure: Engineer

Maritime Search, Rescue and Control; Police Support 

Marine and Coastguard Agency (MCA)

MCA: Coastguard Watch Officer (CWO)

MCA: Coastguard Watch Assistant (CWA)

MCA: Coastguard Rescue Officer

Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI)

RNLI: Coxswain

RNLI: Helm

RNLI: Hovercraft Commander

RNLI: Crew Member

RNLI: Mechanic / Engineer

Merchant Navy 

Merchant Navy: Engineering Officers

Merchant Navy: Chief Engineer Officer

Merchant Navy: Second Engineer Officer

Merchant Navy: Engineer Officer of the Watch / Third Engineer

Merchant Navy: Junior Engineer / Engineer Cadet

Merchant Navy: Electro-technical Officer (ETO)

Merchant Navy: Engineer Rating / Technician / Motorman

Merchant Navy: Engineer Rating Pumpman

Merchant Navy: Engineer Rating Fitter; Engineering Maintenance Fitter

Merchant Navy: Engineer Rating General Hand; Oiler; Wiper

Merchant Navy: Navigation / Deck Officers

Merchant Navy: Master / Captain

Merchant Navy: First / Chief Officer / Chief Mate

Merchant Navy: Second Officer / Second Mate

Merchant Navy: Third Officer / Third Mate

Merchant Navy: Cadet Trainee Officer

Merchant Navy: Rating / Support Staff Member

Merchant Navy: Deck Rating: Able Seafarer (AB); Efficient Deckhand (EDH); Ordinary Seafarer

Port, Harbour and Marina Engineering Operations 

Engineer Technician / Electrician

Engineering Technical Assistant

Maintenance Assistant

Port Engineer / Manager

Superintendent / Technical Superintendent Engineer

Ports, Harbours and Marinas Management 

Marina Manager / Yacht Harbour Manager

Port Manager

Dockmaster / Operations Manager

Port / Marina Operations Supervisor

Port / Marina Operations Safety Manager

Shipping Security Manager / Officer

Port Facility Security Manager/ Officer

Port, Harbour and Marina Vessel Operations 

Harbour Master

Marine Pilot

Vessel Traffic Services Officer

Tug Engineer

Tug Master / Tug Skipper / Tug Officer of the Watch

Tug Rating / Tug General Purpose (GP) Seafarer / Tug Deckhand

Port Operative 

Marine Operative

Passenger Operative / Traffic Controller

Port Cargo Operative / Stevedore

Port General Operative

Shipping Hospitality and Management 

Chef / Ship’s Cook

Chief Purser; Hotel Service Officer

Cruise Director

Steward / Stewardess; Interior Director; Interior Manager

Flotilla Host / Hostess


Transport: Rail Industry Sector 

Rail Customer Services Assistant / Sales-point Assistant / Customer Care Adviser

Rail Station Manager

Track Machine Operator Driver

Train Conductor

Train Driver

Tram / Light Rail Driver / Conductor


Transport: Road Industry Sector 

Road Transport Driver

Ambulance Driver/ Patient Transport Service Driver / Ambulance Care Assistant Driver

Emergency Care Assistant (ECA)

Bus / Coach Driver


Community Transport Driver

Crane Driver

Delivery Van Driver

Emergency Fire Appliance Driver (EFAD)

Forklift Truck Operator / Goods Vehicle Operator

Lorry Driver

Motorcycle and Moped Delivery / Courier Driver

Police Car / Motorcycle Driver

Racing Car Driver

Tanker Driver

Taxi Driver

Road Transport Driving Instructor

Driving Instructor: Car

Driving Instructor: Fleet Driver Training Instructor

Driving Instructor / Supervisor: Small Lorry (class C1) and Minibus Driver (class D1)

Driving Instructor: Large Goods Vehicle

Driving Instructor: Motorcycle and Moped

Book 12: Choosing and Applying for Higher Education Courses at UK Universities

Chapter 1

Preparing For Your Future  

Chapter 2

Qualification Regulation and Accreditation  

Chapter 3

Qualification Frameworks  

Chapter 4

Secondary and Further Education Qualification Subjects and Courses  

Chapter 5

Higher Education Qualification Subjects and Courses  

Chapter 6

Higher Education Course Modes of Study, Teaching and Assessment  

Chapter 7

Universities, Higher Education Colleges and Specialist Institutions 

Chapter 8

Applying For Higher Education Courses  

Chapter 9

Studying Abroad  

Chapter 10

International Student Advice  

Chapter 11

Student Accommodation  

Chapter 12

Student Finance  

Chapter 13

Student Bursary Funding  

Chapter 14

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