A Careers Advice Guide: Series written by Janice Eglin

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Career Options and Qualification Requirements in the UK: Choosing a Career, Working in the:


Book 1: Animals, Plants, Environment, Healthcare Science and Science Sectors

Agriculture and Horticulture


Environmental Science and Studies

Healthcare Science 



Book 2: Art, Media and Performing Arts: Dance, Drama and Music Sectors

Art and Design

Media: Advertising, Editing, Journalism, Marketing, Public Relations, Publishing and Writing

Media: Film, Radio, Television and Theatre

Performing Arts:

Dance, Drama, Music


Book 3: Building, Property, Engineering and Computer Technology Sectors

Architecture, Planning, Surveying and Construction

Property and Housing Management

Electrician; Gas Installation / Plumbing; Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Engineering; Computer Technology


Book 4: Business, Finance, Retail, Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism Sectors

Business Finance

Business Management and Administration 


Hospitality and Events Management

Leisure Activities; 

Leisure: Travel and Tourism


Book 5: Education: Teaching, Lecturing and Support Sectors

Primary and Secondary Teaching and Support

Further and Higher Education Teaching

Teaching English as a Foreign, Second / Other Language; Training and Tutoring


Book 6: Healthcare: Allied, Alternative, Complementary, Nursing and Medicine Sectors

Allied Health Professions

Alternative and Complementary Health

Chiropractic and Osteopathy

Nursing and Midwifery

Public, Environmental and Occupational Health; 

Dentistry; Medicine; Pharmacy; Vision Science


Book 7: History, Library, Languages and Working Abroad Sectors

History, Anthropology and Archaeology

Information and Library


Work Abroad

Work for the European Union Institutions and Bodies

Work for the United Nations


Book 8: Law Enforcement: Armed Forces, Public Protection and Security Sectors

Armed Forces: British Army; Royal Air Force; Royal Navy

Law Enforcement: Public Protection

Law Enforcement: Security

National Security / Secret Service:



Book 9: Law, Politics, Political Organisations  and Social Science Sectors

Law, Politics and Social Sciences

Political Organisations: UK Parliament; Government Civil Service; and Local Government


Book 10: Psychology, Counselling, Religion and Social Care Sectors

Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy

Religion and Theology

Social Care


Book 11: Transport: Aviation, Marine, Rail, Road and Logistics Sectors


Aviation Industry 

Marine Industry 

Rail Industry 

Road Industry


Book 12: Choosing and Applying for Higher Education Courses at UK Universities

Preparing For Your Future   

Qualification Regulation and Accreditation   

Qualification Frameworks   

Secondary and Further Education Qualification Subjects and Courses

'A' Level and Equivalent Subjects Required for Entry to Undergraduate Courses   

Higher Education Qualification Subjects and Courses

Professional Organisations which Accredit Higher Education Qualifications   

Higher Education Course Modes of Study, Teaching and Assessment   

Universities, Higher Education Colleges and Specialist Institutions   

Applying For Higher Education Courses

Writing Your Personal Statement

University Admissions Aptitude Tests   

Studying Abroad   

International Student Advice   

Student Accommodation   

Student Finance   

Student Bursary Funding